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Zeehonden Creche Lenie 't Hart

Latest update:16-06-2013

The Seal First Aid-Network

In 1980, the SRRC set up a Seal First Aid-Network along the entire Dutch coast. Until the end of last century it even existed in Belgium and France. The network exists of volunteers, so-called seal first aid workers, who have been trained by the SRRC to give first aid to seals and other animals. The seal first aid workers are people who spend much time along the coast (job-wise), such as policemen, coastguards and animal ambulance workers, but also fishermen, birdwatchers, beach guards and beachcombers. In total, there are around 80 seal first aid workers, who can help out in different regions, from Zeeland to the Dollard (the border region with Germany), if any marine mammals are in danger.
Seal gets First Aid


Seal first aid workers are associated with the SRRC and work according to the regulations that have been set in the seal first aid regulations, which needs to be signed by all seal first aid workers. The seal first aid regulations are attuned to the legislation and to relevant licences held by the SRRC, but also to the SRRC"s ISO-certification (International Organization for Standardization), the CBF-quality mark that the SRRC has had since 2000 (CBF is the central bureau for fundraising), and to the VOND code of conduct ( society of rehabilitation centres for non-domesticated animals).


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