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Zeehonden Creche Lenie 't Hart

Latest update:16-06-2013

Spotted Seal

Spotted Seal with pup
Latin name:

Phocinae - Phocini - Phoca - P. Largha

The spotted seal, or, Largha seal resembles the common seal. The only difference is that it is smaller (1.6 to 1,7 m in length, 82 to 123 kg in weight). Its coat is silvery grey with a dark grey cloak, which is marked with dark, oval spots. Its muzzle is darker than that of the common seal.

Pups have a white, woolly fur. They are born from January to April on the arctic pack ice.

Spotted seals are still being hunted for commercial gain. Also, many spotted seals die because they get caught up in fishnets.

Range Spotted Seal

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